We think that you should invest in our Dyehouse and yet most people do not know what work we do in our business.

Simply put, we apply Color Dyes to various materials and products for the Artisan as well as Industrial Markets….but we are more than that!

Some basics…..a very long time ago humans began to feed their brain an almost unlimited amount of information on color, smells, sounds, taste, and how things felt.….through our visual (color), olfactory (smell), auditory (sound), gustation (taste), and somatosensory (touch) systems. It was a matter of survival!

Humans have 5 senses as noted, so why do we think the visual sense (Color) is so important that we have actually built a business around its management? First, like the senses of smell and hearing, our visual sense (Color) brings the world to us from a distance, unlike taste and touch that must be physically experienced by the human body to be activated.

The visual sense (Color) in a human is supported by the optical system that actually grows out of the brain as we develop as a fetus. The optical nerves running from our eyes provide a million nerve connections directly back into the visual cortex of the brain from each eye…we are hard-wired, so to speak, to depend on sight like none of the other 4 senses.

OK, so vision is important, but why the focus on Color?

Simple, it added to our ability to be safe when all of us lived in the savannahs’ and forests of the world. A flash of color in the deep brush or distance could help us identify a predator even if we could not make out the complete shape.

The ability to recognize Color allowed us to be much more efficient at picking out ripe fruit and detecting the difference between edible and dangerous foods in other plants, and particularly in meat.

Today vision (Color) is most important not because it helps keep us safe, or helps to find good food, but because it is a sense that brings us pleasure and comfort. However, different Colors can be an irritant, can cause us discomfort, so the selection of Color is of great importance in our modern world.

Therefore, it is not an accident that there is an entire Fashion Industry headquartered in Paris that deals with the presentation of Color to the consumer Market worldwide.

Maine Dye is part of the Global Supply Chain that brings the Colors presented by the designers of the world to the Fashion Industry in Paris, and through them to the consumers of the world.

Maine Dye is in the COLOR business and at the core of our business is the ability to support our customers in the management and presentation of Color to their customers through products that are enhanced by our ability to apply a Rainbow of Colors to them.

The human eye can distinguish up to 10 million Colors and Maine Dye knows them all!

So, please come, join our Maine Dye Community and help us build a better Rainbow!

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