The Growing of a Dyehouse

The past two years represent a time of tremendous change and expansion for what started in 2012 as a small dyehouse focused on natural fiber yarns and textiles. In July, 2016 the Saco River Dyehouse found itself moving down the street from its first home in Biddeford, Maine to the Saco Industrial Park into upgraded manufacturing space. The move allowed us to install new package (cone) dyeing equipment and offer technical winding services in response to the growing demand for dye services from synthetic yarn and thread manufacturers. Led by our DyeMaster, Muhammad Malik we are now doing nylon, polyester and aramid fibers! Manufactured fibers is an exciting and changing world. It provides opportunities for the Dyehouse to sample test for new product development and explore an even wider range of color and dye programs – florescent neons, technical performance fibers and other yarn treatments. As part of this growth, we are delighted to report over the last four months we have moved from an average production target of 6-8 tons/month to an all-time high of 14 tons in October. This has been both exciting and challenging for a mid-scale commission dyehouse located in southern Maine.

Next came the craziness of a name and logo change. We love our history as the SacoRiver Dyehouse and the relationships we have built with our customers in the natural fiber world. It is difficult to find an industry where there are equal parts of passion and business as one finds with those involved in textile design, craft and artisan markets. Along with this, however, was a desire within Dyehouse management to talk in a broader sense about Maine and New England’s 200 year old textile history. So……over the summer we became Maine Dye & Textiles. We believe the name change and new logo honors the romance of where we started yet will resonate with a wider range of customers geographically and in the products they are manufacturing.

As we write this first blog after a very long hiatus, we find there is so much to say about textiles, dyeing, and our industry. There are wonderful stories to tell about our employees, our customers and our industry partners. We also understand we have been silent for way too long! Over the next several months, we will rededicate ourselves to using the Dyehouse Blog as a way to share more of who we are and where we fit into a domestic textile manufacturing chain.

As always, thank you to our customers, followers and industry partners for everyone’s belief in what this resource can be!


Ken and Claudia, the Dyehouse Managers