In addition to providing dye services, Maine Dye owns and manages the Paternayan line of yarns, a product designed and branded in the early 1900s by the Paternayan Brothers. After testing and sampling, Paternayan Persian is now available and being sold throughout what is an international market.

The Story
In 1936, the Paternayan brothers, Harry and Karnig began dyeing and marketing this lustrous, sturdy woolen yarn that  created a worldwide following in the needle arts, crafts and rug markets. Paternayan yarn was offered in 430 colors and over the next 100 years its popularity grew, it’s currently offered in 418 colors. In 1986, the line was sold to Johnson Wax and the dyehouse operation was moved to Pepperall, Mass.  Later sold to a new owner, Alan Getz continued to grow the line along with other artisan yarns and products into a very successful business.